I have lived in the Bay area most of my life therefor I was familiar with the name Paris Flea. What I wasn’t familiar with was the Paris Flea  Concept. After my initial introduction to the lead design  team, I finally understood why Paris Flea is synonymous with chic and elegant. I originally had them come to my house for a consultation. They made my entire experience such a pleasure. I soon realized that I was actually saving money by using Paris Flea’s services. If I bought one more thing for this house that my husband hates… Typically I’m not one to even do an online review but my house is now a HOME and we couldn’t be Happier!!! I would absolutely recommend Paris Flea for any and all of your home décor needs. Having them do our pool deck next!!!!!!!! – Tracey

I walked into Paris Flea to purchase some accent pieces to update our living room.  When I came home with my purchase – I realized I needed more than accent pieces.  I called Paris Flea and made an appointment with one of their designers, to visit our home.  She and her assistant, took pictures, measurements and spent time chatting with me about my style.  The proposed design for our new look captured everything I dreamed of, while being within our budget. Even my husband made no changes to her proposal. The pieces arrived on schedule – Melanie placed all the furniture, paintings, mirror, lamps and accessories. My husband and I were amazed with our fresh new look, a perfectly decorated room with clean lines  – while remaining welcoming. I was so pleased with Melanie’s talent that I asked her to perfect my dining room, kitchen area and family room – using existing furniture combined with new pieces, Chandeliers, lamps and accessories.  Again, I was pleased with her choices. I travel every month – and I still have the WOW feeling when I walk into our beautifully decorated home.   Our next step is to remodel our bathrooms – I will be calling soon. Thank you Paris Flea – Tish

Excellent service! I’ve recently purchased from the flea for my new living and bedroom space. Their products are wonderful, very high quality and worth every penny – firm believer in ‘you get what you pay for.’ Lisa was my design expert and she was amazing! She was able to truly capture my desire for elegance and practicality. The whole team there really made a difference from other stores I’ve shopped at. From the consultation to delivery, I couldn’t have been more happy with their attention to detail and making sure I had everything I needed. I will be returning soon to finish my master bath and office. I’m always getting complements from my guests about the unique pieces I have in the living room – Thank-you Paris Flea! – Bcdworks

We purchased a high end Sea Grass indoor living area furniture set and while the vendor sent one of the chairs with a slight defect, Taylor made double sure I understood and got the manufacture to resolve the problem in a timely fashion. We use the set outside BUT under a patio and it is holding up very well. We’re happy to have this beautiful all natural high end furniture as opposed to the plastic sets available in most stores now, What a nice additional to our home and we get lots of great compliments. Thanks again to Paris Flea for their wonderful taste and great service. Oh they delivered it to our home in Winter Park (Orlando area) and were careful, clean and took the boxes back as opposed to leaving them for us to dispose of. Thanks – Wayne

I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with Paris Flea. I have had a couple of bad experiences with designers in the past, but working with Melanie, Dale and Taylor has been an absolute pleasure! My initial installation was about as seamless as possible. Everyone on their installation team was polite and professional. Taylor is a gem and any questions or issues that came up he stayed on top of and made sure everything was completed beyond my expectations. I will continue to use Paris Flea for any of my future design needs and would highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you, Melanie, Dale and Taylor! – Jennie

If your reading this review you are probably looking for direction of sorts – I have owned a design business and am well traveled. I understand the ways of the world – I am qualified to make the following statements – If you are searching for that perfect place to help you create a comfortable environment / beautiful environment. – THIS IS THE PLACE …I have been everywhere and seen it all … period. HOWEVER when I enter Paris Flea my pulse actually quickens my mood swings upward and I find myself in a creative frenzy ; This is a rarity for me – its not the charming people, convenient location or the ease of parking ITS SIMPLY THE SELECTION of rare and beautiful items to choose from. I have been to all the buyers markets around our globe and its not easy to amass a group of vendors like this .. If you like one item you may find love in that creators catalog .. DO NOT BE AFRAID OF SPECIAL ORDER – “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither will your perfect serine and vibrant environment be. so.. DO NOT FEAR SPECIAL-ORDERS … ALSO Rome wasn’t cheep. This is good news – I know the whole sale prices and the mark-up is very fair so if you stop by frequently there is often a “steal-of-a-deal” to be had making your total cost to create a TRUE BARGAIN ! Also, in all creative projects- there will be bumps along the way- so what- the end result is what matters. Do it once, do it right. Whether its one piece or a 25,000 sq foot home stop by this place and leverage off the family’s 25 years plus buying expertise…see if your pulse quickens. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain … the everything to gain part is really what your on this site searching for – you have found it ! Robert Bradley Higgins. – Bradley

I have been a customer of Paris Flea for many years. Each time I enter the store there is an array of fabulous finds not there the last week and will be gone next week!! From the chandeliers to the accessories you will be stunned by the beautiful surroundings. Although I am not a rich woman, the help given with my design project succeeded beyond my wildest dreams. They made my condo come alive and designed for me a beautiful place to enjoy my life!!! And, they stand behind their products and made me feel secure in my purchases. I cannot say enough about the customer care!! – Princess

I ordered 2 beautiful Schnadig chairs from Paris Flea. Took a bit longer then I expected, coming from over seas, however, things were handled extremely professional and the items came in absolutely gorgeous and in a timely manner after all, due to their diligence! – Kim

You all could not have been more helpful in my problems with my Lane outdoor wicker furniture. Taylor, when the back of the chairs kept breaking, you stayed on top of Lane to replace. You therefore get ten stars in my book. Whatever decorating needs I have in the future you can be sure I will come to Paris Flea! – Nita